Cyeco Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS)

The CyecoTM BWTS employs three stages of physical treatments with Absolute Zero chemical substance
involved, while in compliance with the USCG regulation. The system combines two-stages of efficient filtration and Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technologies. Coupling with its compact and modular design, the system can be easily retrofitted in crowded machinery spaces as well as new ship construction.

The CyecoTM Mechanical Filtration System combines a 5 mm grade coarse filter and a 50 µm fine filter for the filtration treatment. The system‘s design is ingeniously based on our 20 years of experience in the field of Water and Waste Water Treatment. The coarse filter removes large sediments at the ballast inlet, and the fine filter further purifies the water afterwards for better UV transmittance.

Both filters employ proficient, fully automatic self-cleaning mechanisms, which do not interfere with the ballasting load. The self-cleaning is full automatically controlled by PLC, and can be triggered intelligently when the internal solids accumulate, as well as can be triggered periodically and manually.

  • Specialized Designed only for ballast water treatment.
  • Enhancing Reduces solid accumulation in the ballast tanks.
  • Flexible Provide continuous filtration and flow to ballast tanks.
  • Easy to use Fully automatic.
  • Reliable 5 layers of duplex stainless steel wire mesh; 10+ years of service life.